Travel should be more than just « going somewhere ».   Travel should be about discovering new worlds, both past and present.
Discovering the past allows us to discover ourselves.  The Bonaparte reminds us that the passing of time is inevitable, and that every moment is precious.

Allow us to give you a break from today’s fast paced world and to take you back to an era where we took time to take care of the smallest of details and to live every moment to the fullest.

At Hotel Bonaparte, we make sure that the beginning, the end, and every moment in between is memorable.

Seeped in history and reminiscent of the gilded ages of royalty, conquerors, valour and passions, Hotel Bonaparte offers an experience firmly inspired by the past, but with a contemporary twist.

It’s location is at the heart of Old Montreal and a short walk to the Old Port.

History abounds in this world of cobblestone streets, horse carriages or « caleches », ancient churches, neighbourhood pubs and bistros, fine cuisine as well as art galleries and curiosity shops.

The Hotel features all the modern conveniences as well as one of the top restaurants in the City.The food as well as the service is                                                 “classic French”

Sometimes a walk in the past is exactly what you need to better face the future,and our caring staff is there to orchestrate it all.

Bonaparte…a discovery of what once was … and what is to come.

Welcome to our world…welcome to Bonaparte.


Conquering hospitality one guest at a time.